About TryAPL

TryAPL is a MiServer website. MiServer is a web server written in Dyalog APL and runs on all Dyalog APL platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Linux (including Raspberry Pi), and macOS.

Tutorials on the Learn tab are Jupyter notebooks and can be used locally; click on the button while running a tutorial to download it. We welcome submissions of notebooks for inclusion in TryAPL, as well as reports of anomalies, suggestions, criticisms, and comments to tryapl@dyalog.com.


Function and Operator definitions must be single-line trains or dfns/dops.

To protect the server, expressions are checked against a whitelist and the primitives ⍎ ⍕ ⍣ ⌶ have been limited. All supported quad-names, system and user commands are listed on the Primer tab.

Space and time limits can be queried with ]State. Exceeding the maximum time for execution of an expression causes the execution to be cancelled and the session will remain as it was before the expression was entered.

If cookies are enabled, definitions will persist for "a few days".


Inspiration: Joel Hough
Perspiration: Brian Becker
Style sheets and design: Brian McCormick
Sandbox framework: Morten Kromberg
Expression parser: Dan Baronet
System Admin and Linux Guru: Jason Rivers
Additional tutorials: Will Robertson
Various enhancements: Adám Brudzewsky

Good ideas: John Scholes, Andy Shiers, Roger Hui, John Daintree

Special thanks: Shaun Gilchrist for the domain