APL Cheat Sheet

Click to insert purple glyph, function, or command into the session. Get information by clicking links, hovering over glyphs, or by entering ]Help followed by a single glyph.

Logic and Comparison
Selection and Set Operations
Search and Sort

Additional Features

The following subset of Dyalog's functionality is also supported in TryAPL:
User Commands for Output Control
]Boxing on draw simple structural visualisations
]Boxing off space separated display
]Display ⍳2 3 fully visualise array's structure
System Commands for Undoing Assignments
)CLEAR reset session
)ERASE name delete name(s)
Commands for Showing Assignments
]DEFS display function and operator definitions
)VARS list variable names
)FNS list function names
)OPS list operator names
⎕A Alphabetic Characters
⎕D Digits
⎕TS Time Stamp
System Variables
⎕CT Comparison Tolerance
⎕DIV Division Method
⎕IO Index Origin
⎕PP Print Precision
⎕RL Random Link
System Functions for Session Information
⎕NC Name Class
⎕NL Name List
⎕SIZESize of Object
System Functions for Numeric/Text Conversion
⎕FMT Format
⎕VFI Verify & Fix Input
System Functions for Import/Export
⎕UCS Unicode Convert
⎕XML XML Convert
System Operators for Regular Expressions
⎕S Search
⎕R Replace