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Getting Started with APL

Mastering Dyalog APL complete guide to Dyalog (free PDF)

Wikipedia on the language and its syntax and symbols

APL Cultivation 29 chat lessons of 90 minutes

APL Fonts and Keyboards

In-browser language bar

APL Trainer how-to YouTube channel

Dyalog APL Environments

Download Dyalog APL free for personal use

Jupyter: Dyalog Jupyter kernel and ready-made notebooks

Dyalog APL on Try It Online

Dyalog Documentation

Reference Card

Online Language Documentation

Full Documentation Set including PDFs

How do I…?

Dyalog Forums

The APL Wiki

Stack Overflow: existing questions or ask a new question

The APL Orchard a very active chat room

comp.lang.apl Usenet newsgroup

Search idiomatic APL expressions

Recommended APL Videos

Conway's Game of Life in APL

Palindromic Expression for Phi in APL

A Sudoku Solver in APL

APL demonstration 1975

Why APL Is Still Cool (at QCon 2011)

Design Patterns vs Anti pattern in APL (at FnConf17)

Pragmatic Functional Programming with Dyalog's CTO (Talks at Google, 2015)

Dyalog TV (webinars and user meetings)