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This site is to help you learn about APL by using it. Type APL expressions in the input field on the right and hit enter to see the results. Here are a few examples (which you can click on) to get you started:

2+2 No points for guessing the answer to this
4 2 3 + 8 5 7 Functions apply to arrays
⍳10 Generate some integers
+/⍳100000 Sum the first 100,000 integers
×/⍳10 A long, slow way to write !10
avg←{(+⌿⍵)÷≢⍵} Average is sum divided by count
avg 1 6 3 4 ... and apply it
throws←?10000⍴6 Store 10,000 dice throws
+/1=throws Of 10,000 throws, how many 1's?
+/(⍳6)∘.=throws Frequency of all 6 possibilities
'Hello World!' APL is not just about maths!
{⍺,≢⍵} ⌸ 'Mississippi' See?

Use the pop-up APL keyboard to enter APL symbols (the Primer tab contains a "Cheat Sheet"). To install an APL keyboard (or an entire APL system), and find other resources, see Links.

For an introduction to APL and more inspiration for expressions to try out, see the APL tab and download the tutorial Mastering Dyalog APL

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